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Noortje van Middelkoop
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The Panflute
The panflute is a centuries old instrument which came into existence in various places of the world. The panflutes which are used in this recording originate from Romania. They have a curved form, are made of bamboo, and are tuned in the key of G. The semi tones can be played by changing the direction of the air flow. In this manner one can play in all keys.

The soprano panflute, which is the most common, has 22 pipes and a range of three octaves from g1 to g4. The alto panflute has 26 pipes and ranges from c1 to g4. The tenor panflute has 23 pipes and ranges from g to a3. The bass panflute has 21 pipes and ranges from b to a2. Each panflute has its own timbre and its own possibilities.

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